IT Training

IT Training

One of the most critical elements of any IT or e-business project is the education, training and subsequent support for end users. However advanced the technology is, no system will be effective if the end-users are uncomfortable using it.


CGE offers university level training in many different subjects. Knowledgeable instructors who are equipped with practical experience teach our in-depth training programs. Our instructors have actually experienced what they teach. Experience is an important tool when providing our clients with advice on applying techniques in the real world. We offer a large variety of useful training courses for our clients. Course subjects range from programming languages such as C, C++, Java and Perl to subject like system administration and network administration. CGE provides quality education and training materials to develop the new skills your staff will require in your IT or e-business environment.


The involvement of CGE instructors does not stop after the course work is complete. Because of our hands-on experience, we can provide advice on the best development tools and environments, and tell you where to find them. As an integrated part of our projects, we use focus education to transfer knowledge to members of the steering committee, management, project managers and project team members. This includes how your new system will impact changes in the company in terms of data processing, work disciplines, and processes. Our consultants transfer their knowledge to the project team members throughout their involvement in the project life cycle. CGE also offers mentoring services. A CGE Mentor can be placed on-site in order to provide guidance in navigating complex tasks such as analysis, modeling, and project management. We can provide mentoring services for the entire project life cycle, or for specific pieces of a project. Additionally, CGE offers in-house workshops as well as specially trained consultants to assist with software conversions.